Pre-sale July 2022

We are so excited for our upcoming pre-sale.

Pre-sale starts on Sunday, July 31st, 12 noon EST. 

Pre-sale ends Wednesday, August 3rd, midnight EST. 

Processing time: 8-12 weeks

Please note: 

1. Pre-sale orders cannot contain any non-presale items. If any other items are purchased with pre-sale items, the order will canceled. You are welcome to place a separate order with non-presale items.

2. There are no limits per order.

3. Pre-sale orders cannot be cancelled, combined or refunded. Please make sure you have everything in your cart before checking out. That way we can focus more on shipping those orders as quickly as possible. 


PRE-SALE FREEBIES (July 31st-Aug 3rd)

 1. Washi:

Set 1.
Peek-a-boo Beanie washi • Silver foil • 15mm and 10mm
15mm only: $4.99
Set of 2: $7.90
Set 2.
Introvert's Paradise Beanie washi • Silver foil • 15mm and 10mm
15mm only: $4.99
Set of 2: $7.90
Set 3.
Mail day washi • Silver foil • two 15mm and 10mm
15mm Beanie washi only: $4.99
15mm polaroids washi only: $4.99
Set of 3: $13.99
Set 4.
Plan Plan Plan sketch washi • Silver foil • 15mm and two 10mm
15mm only: $4.99
Set of 3: $12.45
Set 5.
Cat lady Beanie washi • Silver foil • 15mm, 10mm and 5mm
15mm only: $4.99
Set of 3: $11.45
Set 6.
The purrfect washi • Silver foil • 15mm only
15mm only: $4.99


2. Products

1. Hard enamel charms

.75"in • lobster clasp • Black finish

Nerdy Cat lady 
Pink • Yellow • Grey

$6.99 each


2. Mail day Hand-peeled Vinyl decal

Opal • Strawberry • Lake Blue

$3.95 each or $11.85 $10.66 set of 3


3. "I read past my bedtime" enamel pin

1.25"in • Magnetic/pin back

Blush pink/teal glitter • Holographic Rainbow • Starry Blue glitter
$11.99 each


4. Vellum Paper

Cat lady • Introvert's paradise • Mail Day

8x10"in • Ships folded in half

$3.10 each or $9.30 $8.37 set of 3 


5. Peek-a-boo sticky notes

3x3"in • 24pgs



6. Mail day adhesive pocket

3.6"in wide approx 



7. Magnetic Bookmarks
Readers gonna read • One more page • Once upon a time
1.7"in • printed on both sides
$3.30 each or $9.90 $8.91 set of 3


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