Black Friday Sale 2020- 15%off

Black Friday sale starts on Friday, November 27th, 9am EST and our entire shop will be 15% off until 11:59pm EST. Use coupon code BUYITALL15 to get 15% off your order.

Coupon will only work once sale starts.

No first time referral codes or other coupon codes will work in combination with the Black Friday Coupon code.

SALE FREEBIES (Nov 27th 9amEST- 11:59pm EST)

Order totals are calculated before shipping, taxes and any other applicable discounts.


These are sale exclusive freebies which will be going out with orders placed once sale starts.

First 100 orders over $30* :
Thinking space holo foil washi card.

All orders : 
• “Life of my dreams” 5x7”in journaling card
• Bakery freebie sampler.

Orders over US$20* :
•“Life of my dreams” 5x7”in journaling card
• Bakery freebie sampler
• Belle die cut.

Orders over US$45* :
•“Life of my dreams” 5x7”in journaling card
• Bakery freebie sampler
• Belle die cut.
• “You are space-cial” notecard
• UFO washi strips.

Orders over US$75* :
•“Life of my dreams” 5x7”in journaling card
• Bakery freebie sampler
• Belle die cut.
• “You are space-cial” notecard
• UFO washi strips.
• Hand drawn Up art print
• Celebration vellum 8x10” folded in half.

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*ALL Orders totals are in US$ and are calculated after sale discount and before shipping & taxes.

Black Friday New Releases:

All non-limited items will go live in shop 24 hours before sale goes live: Thursday, November 26th, 9am EST. All limited items will be listed right before sale starts.

Thinking Space collection:

  1. Silver Foiled Thinking space Beanie washi Set of 4(Limited stock):$12.10 $10.28
  2. Thinking Space Holo foiled washi card (Limited Stock): $3.99 $3.39
  3. Thinking Space mini/EC kit: Starting from:  $9.75 $8.28
  4. Thinking Space Hobo weeks full boxes :   $3.15 $2.79
  5. 'Take me to the stars' Sticker book + Jelly cover (Limited stock): Starting from:  $7.50 $6.375
  6. Thinking space sticky notes (Limited stock) $3.30 $2.80
  7. Thinking Space vellum:  $3.10 $2.63
  8. Space Banners stickers:  $3.10 $2.67
  9. Beanie aliens sampler stickers: $3.15 $2.67
  10. Space comic banners: $3.10 $2.67
  11. Write-in UFO notes: $3.15 $2.67
  12. Washi Planet sampler: $3.15 $2.67
Other New releases include:
  • Kitty charm (Limited stock): Starting from:  $5.99 $5.09
  • Best of 2020 Beanie sticker sampler: $3.15 $2.67
  • Best of $2 2020 sticker sampler$3.15 $2.67
  • Best of 2020 wacky holidays Beanie sticker sampler$3.15 $2.67
  • Snacking on the couch Beanie stickers: $3.15 $2.67
  • Just Breath Beanie Buddha stickers: $3.15 $2.67
  • Anxiety/anxious Beanie stickers: $3.15 $2.67
  • 2021 Beanie Calendar overstock(Limited Stock) $17.99 $15.29
  • Original Painted dreams EC kit:Starting from  $9.75 $8.28
  • Original Painted Dreams Hobo weeks Kit:Starting from  $5.60 $4.76
  • Original painted dreams die cut set: $5.97 $5.07
  • Original Painted dreams art print (Limited Stock): $3.99 $3.39
  • Original painted dreams sticker sampler:  $3.15 $2.67


    Cyber Monday will not be a shop wide sale. 

    Cyber Monday releases will be listed in shop on Monday, November 30th, 9am EST.

    Holiday Washi (set of 5) and Christmas notepads overstocks will be listed in shop on Cyber Monday along with a few new sticker sheets.

    Cyber Monday Freebies: 

    In addition to 10%off all new releases:

    All orders placed on November 30th after 9am EST will receive a random journaling card and bakery Beanie sampler freebie.

    • All orders USD45+  will receive a random journaling card, Bakery Beanie sampler freebie and one mystery washi sample never released in shop.

    • Join our Facebook group to find out how to receive the tortoise freebie sampler with your order. It's exclusive to our FB group members only.

    Order totals are calculated before shipping, taxes and after any other applicable discounts. Freebies applicable to all orders placed until November 30th midnight EST.


    Processing time:
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale processing time is 2-3 weeks. [Although, we aim to ship out all orders in less than 2 weeks :)]

    Beanie Points:
    If you haven't already done so, please make sure you sign up for 'Beanie Points' on our website to earn reward points for every dollar spent in our shop 😍

    Orders cannot be modified, cancelled, combined or refunded during our special releases and sales. Please make sure you have everything in your cart before checking out. That way we can focus more on shipping those orders as quickly as possible.


    We really hope you guys like these new releases. Don't forget to let us know your favourites. We share sneaks and work in progress for every collection we do. Feel free to follow us on Instagram or join our Facebook group. If you join our Fb group, you also get access to monthly freebies and FB exclusive freebie sticker sampler. Thank you and love you all soooo much. :)



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