April 2023 pre-sale

We are so excited for our upcoming Beanie pre-sale. It's going live on April 16th. Yay!!

General info

Pre-sale starts on Sunday, April 16th, 12 noon EST. 

Pre-sale ends Wednesday, April 19th, midnight EST. 

Processing time: 8-12 weeks 

Pre-sale Freebies

Pre-sale goodies

1. Taking it slow sloth Beanie washi set of 2 (15mm+15mm) : $9.98
2. Washi love washi set of 2 (15mm+10mm): $8.98
3. Nerdy Beanie washi set of 2 (15mm+10mm): $8.98
4. Energy givers washi 15mm only: $4.99
5. Squeeze the day lemon washi 15mm only: $4.99
6. Washi love adhesive sticker pocket: $4.50
7. Washi love Hobonichi cousin kit: $9.75
8. Energy givers Beanie EC kit: $16.75
9. Nerdy Beanie vellum sticky notes (3.5"x2.5"in): $3.99
10. Washi love vellum 8x10"in, folded in half: $3.20
11. Taking is slow sloth vellum 8x10"in, folded in half: $3.20
12. Set of 3 die cuts (washi life, sloffee, bear hug): $5.97 
13. Three Beanie sticker sheets (sloth Beanie banners, energy givers checkist, washi love stickers): $3.15 each

All pre-sale items will be available in unlimited quantities until Wednesday, April 19th, midnight EST. So no rush shopping and no ninja fingers will be required. Hehe.

Please note: 

1. Pre-sale orders cannot contain any non-presale items. If any other items are purchased with pre-sale items, the order will canceled. You are welcome to place a separate order with non-presale items.

2. Pre-sale orders cannot be cancelled, combined or refunded. Please make sure you have everything in your cart before checking out. That way we can focus more on shipping those orders as quickly as possible.

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